Thursday, February 7, 2013

Market View for 7th Feb 2013

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Raghav Investment Hub
Jai Ganesh

Levels: - All spot level. Nifty range: - 5900(tempo)-6100.

Yesterday interpretation: - After a Gap down on Tuesday, which had character of Left alone, as per expectation, market had a gap up opening but was unable to sustain and slowly dragged down. High short build up was seen in 6000ce, 6100ce, 6200ce and 5700pe and 5800pe. Bulls and bears are fighting for control @5900.

Our View: - Market going ahead looks weak with major support coming @5944 and 5930 levels. Breaking 5930 and 5900 may push panic button. As trend is still down and we are in search bottom and real lower range for the series.

We suggest a risky long near 5940-50 level after seeing any reversal sign, if anyone is going long play safe and use 5930 as strict Stop loss. Best way is to trade by using below levels.

On long term we are good, so one can once again start buying slowly into their favourite stocks as almost all stock have came down to a very attractive level.

 Resistance :- 5983, 6012, 6040.5, 6053, 6084, 6115, 6148, 6182, 6308, 6336,

 Support :- 5940, 5901, 5840, 5822, 5777,

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Market View for 1st Feb 2013

Raghav Investment Hub
Jai Ganesh

Levels: - All spot level. Nifty range: - 6000-6200.

Yesterday interpretation: - We had a very favourable and silent expiry. Huge OI short build up seen @5700pe and 5800pe.

We got 1st time winner for our initiation “Master of Expiry Level”. January 2013 series has joint winner as Mr.Ghaidaq and Mr. Kapil Vashisht. And with huge success of this we will announce our next contest “Champion Market Range Expert”, more detail will be updated soon.

Our View: - Feb series is starting today and today is the day when the month’s real direction will be confirmed but we are declaring 6000 to 6200 as market range for initial days. Wait for range confirmation today. We already had 2 very silent expiries in Dec and Jan, and as we are near to very critical level of trend line resistance now around 6120. On several stocks we got our signal cooled down and they have already seen their down fall.

So here own ward a good rally in any direction can be expected. So if we go below 6000 get ready for shorting, but if we sustain near 6000 than look out for buying opportunity and breaking above 6120 will take us to 6170-80 levels.

But will suggest all people to wait and watch today and start taking position around closing or from Monday morning.

 Resistance :- 6084, 6115, 6148, 6182, 6308, 6336,

 Support :- 6060, 5990,5962, 5940

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Market View for 20th December 2012

Raghav Investment Hub

Jai Ganesh

Nifty range: - 5800-6000.

Candle pattern: - run away

Levels:- All spot level.

View: - We saw a gap up in Nifty after making reversal of 17th and confirming that on 18th. So if this gap holds we are god to go long, but as upper range of market is 6000 for this expiry we don’t think it will hold the gap and we will fill the gap in 1st hr trade only. One thing has become sure that we are not going below 5800 in this expiry may touch 6000 on or before expiry. Don’t take long positions in option as this is going to be premium eating month, shorting of options are suggested. If you want to take position best will be to do in individual stocks.

As this site is re-launched so for few days we will provide our calls here:

Bullish stock:- bharti airtel, coal India, heromotocop, infy, tcs, jindalsteel, hindalco, hdfcbank, hcltech, tatamotors.

Bearish Stocks:- axis bank, cairn, hdfc, icicibank, LT, UCO.

Indecisive :- m&m , BHel, HUL, DLF, IDFC, SBI, YEsbank, JPA.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nifty Strategy for December series

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positional #nifty Strategy:- sell 5900 ce @90 and 5900pe @80, premium received 170, profit range 5730 to 6070.... our market range is 5700-6000 for this month...... so this strategy will is perfect for this expiry. ......

if ur active trader than above #nifty strategy play this... he can go long in nifty future when both spot crosses 5913(spot level) and can go short in future when future goes below 5888(future level).......

Market View for 4th Dec 2012 and coming sessions

Tuesday, 04 December 2012 Jai Ganesh
Nifty range: - 5700-6000.
Candle pattern: - Trend Reversing
Levels:- All spot level.
View: - Market range for this expiry is very broad b/w 5700-6000. But yesterday we saw market tiring up near 5900. So going ahead we are assuming a trend reversal in nifty below 5850 with near about support @5815 and 5765 with Sl @5900. Moving up we have critical resistance @5913-5945.
We have enjoyed very good upward journey and we now keeping our trailing SL in place for them.

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